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Yoga – The Elixir of life:

Yoga has been practiced, observed and channelized by many sages and saints of ancient days and has been taught through the Gurukul system of education in early times.

In today’s modern technology driven world people suffer with all kinds of physical, mental and emotional challenges to face the day-to-day life. To overcome this stress, one should practice Yoga on daily basis with dedication and devotion.

Yoga is the ideal way to balance the stress in all walks of life. With yoga practice one can see themselves transforming into physically fit, emotionally stable, intellectually competent and spiritually enlightened individual.

The inner peace and transformation experienced by a scientific yoga practitioner validates the teaching of yoga.

About Nityasaadhana:

We can survive without food for few days but we cannot survive without breath. It is through breath (Inhalation) that we enter into Earth’s energy system and finally the life force ends with breath (Exhalation), therefore we need to increase our life span utilising the yogic practices.

Here at Nityasaadhana, we offer TTC 200- and 300-hours course – online and offline course, which includes asanas, pranayama, meditation and other practices. The course is certified by the World Yoga Organisation (WYO).

Apart from Yoga Teacher Training Course, we also introduce you to a special complementary sequence known as Nityasaadhana. The meaning of which is “Daily Practice”. In Sanskrit ‘Nithya means daily’ and ‘saadhana means practice’, From the experience of Govinda Malluru, a 20 sequence Yoga posture has been developed for a balanced life. This active session takes about 45 minutes and can be practiced by people of ages 8 – 80 years.

This course will serve as an eye opener to all genuine seekers interested to experience the benefits of Yoga.